Sustainability Policy

Our journey in tourism started with a sustainable tourism action research project which has meant that ‘Sustainability’ is the only lens through which we have ever viewed our work in tourism. Much of our work involves us in supporting businesses and destinations to integrate sustainable and regenerative approaches. What about our own business though? What do we do the walk the talk and make a real difference?

In our line of work we follow the 5 Principles of Sustainability:


We delight our clients, workers, community and those we serve. 



We ensure we are profitable and help those we work with to be also.


We implement responsible office practices and support organisations who protect the future of our beautiful land.



We nurture the identity and heritage within the destinations we work with.


We encourage collaboration with all those we work with. #BetterTogether

Download our Making a Difference Statement here

Our 4 action areas:

1. Contribution to Regenerative Projects

We are Wild Atlantic Rainforest Reforestation Members with Hometree, a 4 year project which will restore 4000 acres of habitat area over 8 sites of temperate rainforests.
We are Business Supporters of The Burren Pine Project, an ecological restoration of native pine to the Burren through the work of Burrenbeo Trust.
We are business friends of the Burren Ecotourism Network, an award-winning tourism network that brings together 70 tourism and hospitality business in The Burren Region.

2. Advocating and Raising Awareness

We make Regenerative Tourism more accessible through the Super Six of Better Tourism Paradigm. We write regular articles on the topic and information is available to all.
We write regular articles about the 7 Principles of Leave No Trace, offer Awareness Courses and share information online to encourage others to support the Code of Responsible Outdoor Ethics.
We integrate the 17 Sustainable Development Goals into our training and raise awareness of them where relevant. We support the goals in our own development.
We are advocates of the All-Ireland Pollinator Plan and encourage businesses to sign up through our training and raising awareness on our social media and communication channels.
We host a private Facebook group that any tourism or hospitality professional can join to create a space for further collaboration and networking within the industry and to highlight topics such as regenerative and sustainable approaches to tourism.
'Gaeilge' is one of oldest living languages in Europe and it is important to us to keep our native language alive. We aim to promote and highlight the indigenous Irish language on our social channels and in our correspondence where relevant. 
We need to make the tourism industry a more inclusive and accessible one to all and we highlight this through our training programmes. We have also been Promotional Partners with CARA Centre for the inaugural Go All Out Inclusive Outdoors Week.

3. Support for Leadership & Professional Development in Tourism

4 GMIT Students with Journalist Pรณl O Conghaile at The Tourism Space LIVE 2020 Conference

We want to support the future generation of tourism professionals. In doing so we have worked with the following institutions to deliver lectures to third level tourism and hospitality students:

4. Responsible Business Operations

  • We are proud to be working out of Clare County Council's Digital Hub in Ennistymon. This is a newly-renovated managed office space that has provision for energy efficient energy supply, light fittings, light sensors, waste segregation and water efficiency.
  • We use local suppliers and contractors wherever there is a local option.
  • We invest in training and professional development for all team members, and aim to be a high quality employer in a rural setting.
  • It is our ambition to become a paperless office and have opted not to have a printer in our shared office.
Stone wall, grass and sea in The Burren


Download our Making a Difference Statement here