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The Workshop Facilitation Process works for Visioning & Action Planning, Stakeholder Engagement and Community/Trade Consultations

Benefits to your Group


CLARITY: builds purpose and cohesion, allowing members to focus on what really matters.
INCLUSIVITY: the process ensures that each member express their ideas and observations.
MODERATION: independent balancing of perspectives and priorities within the group.
CREATIVITY: taps into the creative skills and energy of the group, inspiring further innovation and breakthroughs.
TIME: allows the group to save lots of time, defining the shared future they wish to get to quickly!

Benefits to You


FREEDOM: to participate fully in the conversations.
CONFIDENCE: that the process will achieve your required objectives.
PEACE OF MIND: that the process will be professional, engaging and fruitful for those who attend.
OBJECTIVITY: a neutral observer and sounding board, both before and after the event.


Online or


You choose! 

  • We are experts in online facilitation and hosting.
  • We take time to ensure everyone in your group is comfortable in that format.  
  • We are accomplished in using online interactive technologies such as breakout rooms, whiteboards (Zoom and Mural), Slido and Menti.
  • We guarantee that your participants will rate our online facilitated sessions as relevant, engaging and interactive.

Fully Customised Process

The process is tailored to the exact needs of your stakeholder group, typically involving the following steps: 

  1. Briefing. Briefing discussions to ensure thorough understanding.  Draft and re-draft of the brief until it is agreed. This includes deciding the  number and duration of sessions, venues, preparations required and overall fee.
  2. Facilitated Group Session(s). During the briefing process, we will agree how many sessions are needed for the group to achieve its objectives.  One session will suffice for many groups.  Each facilitated session is between 2 and 3 hours in duration.
  3. Report. Within one week of the session, a written report on discussions and outcomes of the session is returned to you.
  4. Recommendations. As a neutral facilitator, I share observations and make recommendations in light of group objectives. 
  5. Evaluation & Feedback. In the spirit of continuous improvement, I will ask for your evaluation of the process and seek feedback on its effectiveness. 

What makes a great facilitator?


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What our clients say

We have had the pleasure of working with Tina online on regional food group development over the past year. Her facilitation was exceptional from start to finish, delivering exactly what we were looking for and more. She is a delight to work with in every way and could not recommend her highly enough.”

Fiona Richmond, Head of Regional Food, Scotland Food & Drink, Scotland.

What our clients say

Tina offers a great balance of being a true professional, with a warm, friendly personality, capable of putting people at ease. She also puts the organiser at ease(!) by ensuring she is fully prepared and on top of her brief. She gets the best out of people by asking considered and interesting questions. One of a kind.

Margaret O'Brien, CEO Ennis Chamber of Commerce, Ireland.

What our clients say

Tina has carried out a number of projects for the Local Enterprise Office and in particular we have utilized Tina for her strategic facilitation services for a variety of projects. Facilitation is an important element of our project work and often sets the foundation for long term developments and Tina is a facilitator who builds a connection with her audience easily. In terms of working with Tina from the initial proposal , briefing , pre-session briefing , facilitation session and feedback process I have found Tina to be highly professional and always delivers. She can get the best from a group in a focused friendly manner which is a real skill and I'd have no issue in recommending her services.

Kieran Comerford, Head of Economic Development and Enterprise at Local Enterprise Office (Carlow), Ireland.