Waymarked Destination Development Training Programme

A 12-week programme bringing communities, businesses and key stakeholders together, empowering them to develop sustainable and regenerative experiences by leveraging your Greenway, Blueway or Trail.

Build a strong, long-lasting destination that is true to its identity

Empower businesses and communities to feel a sense of pride in their place and product.

Support businesses in your destination to come together, collaborate and network.

Create a space where the trade and communities can better know each other and their offering.

Build awareness and skills in the fields of sustainable and regenerative tourism

Build the capacity within your destination to minimise carbon emissions and maximise the positive benefit of waymarked destinations to people, place and planet.

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Limerick Greenway, leafy path through gates

What will this programme give your destination?

A 'Destination Mindset' amongst community and trade

A strong, collaborative network with a shared vision

An opportunity for individual businesses and communities to network and build relationships

A space to collaborate and cross-promote each other 

A holistic and comprehensive understanding of sustainable and regenerative approaches to tourism 

Online and in-person training

1-2-1 mentoring supports from expert practitioners

A platform for ongoing networking and collaboration

A bespoke online course library for all training recordings and materials

"The delivery of this programme exceeded our expectations on many levels. Tina and her team went the extra mile throughout and used creativity in the face of Covid-19 restrictions. Every single training session was on point, with highly relevant and practical content tailored to the Limerick Kerry context. The choice of guest speakers was inspired, as was the planning and stewardship of the field trip to Waterford Greenway. In terms of administration, reporting, co-ordination and communication, this programme was second to none. We felt very safe in their hands and would trust this team again on any future community or destination development programme."

Funding client, Limerick Kerry Greenway Destination Development Training Programme, May 2021

Meet the Team

The training is led by one of Ireland's leading tourism training and facilitation consultancies, The Tourism Space.  The Tourism Space works with groups and individuals at all levels of tourism in Ireland, Northern Ireland and Scotland - from the boardrooms where national policy is discussed to one-to-one sessions with private entrepreneurs. We also run an online membership network which keeps us in contact with tourism and community entrepreneurs around Ireland.
Tina O'Dwyer Founder of The Tourism Space, Facilitator Trainer and Programme Coordinator



Founder of The Tourism Space®, Lead Trainer & Programme Coordinator

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Áine Martin Sustainability Trainer and Mentor



Community and Business Liaison, Engagement Officer


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Jarlath O'Dwyer Field Trip Coordinator and Host and Trainer






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Oonagh O'Dwyer Biodiversity Trainer and Expert ofWild Kitchen holding basket of seaweed by the sea






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Oonagh O'Dwyer Biodiversity Trainer and Expert ofWild Kitchen holding basket of seaweed by the sea



Industry Guest Speaker, Aillwee Burren Experience 

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Value added features


  • A blend of one-to-group and one-to-one trainings.

  • A mix of in-person and online trainings.

  • Curation of a bespoke online library of programme content and training recordings.

  • Inclusion of relatable Industry Guest Speakers where relevant.

  • Commissioning Expert Trainers for specific topics

  • Use of case studies, from both national and international sources.

  • Optional learning Field Trip to gain insights from a similar and sustainably developed destination

  • Use of breakout rooms to encourage networking and build familiarity.

  • Inclusion of Member Spotlights in each session – allowing each participant business time to showcase their business and what they do to other participants.

  • Delivery of a Certified Leave No Trace Awareness Course

  • 1-2-1 training supports

  • Certificates of Completion

Training topics


  • How to work together and tell the story of your Place.

  • The Agritourism, Food Tourism and Farm Experiences Opportunity.

  • How to be an accessible and inclusive Visitor Experience.

  • How to cost and price your Visitor Experience.

  • How to sell and market your Visitor Experience

  • How to network, generate referrals and link up your experiences.

  • How to green your accommodation or attraction

  • How to measure and monitor carbon footprint
  • Certified Leave No trace Awareness course.

  • How to create a Great Visitor Experience.

  • How to work successfully with your Council, National Tourism Authority and other stakeholders.

  • How to generate local and national media coverage.

  • How to make the most of the national and local marketing campaigns

  • How to market your destination together online this season.

"Its been an enlightening and enjoyable journey having Tina, Marie & Aoibheann as our Facilitators, Educators and Co-Thinkers on a Programme that had already begun to benefit whole Communities before it even finished. Thank You!"

Anonymous Participant Feedback, Limerick Kerry Greenway Destination Development Training Programme, May 2021

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As part of our sustainability policy, The Tourism Space™, has committed to raising awareness of how tourism can positively contribute to the global sustainability agenda. We have extensive experience, from both a research and practice perspective, in supporting the emergence of sustainable approaches within businesses and destinations. We integrate the Sustainable Development Goals into our programme design and delivery, thereby building awareness and understanding and highlighting how each business and destination can contribute in practical and meaningful ways.

Read more about how we support sustainability and regeneration