Capacity Building

Developing a Greenway Destination 

Limerick Kerry Greenway

This was a LEADER-funder programme facilitated by West Limerick Resources (WLR) and North East West Kerry Development Company (NEWKD). The Limerick Greenway officially opened in July 2021 with the North Kerry Greenway due to open in the Summer of 2022. This represented a significant new tourism infrastructure in an area that did not traditionally have high volumes of visitor traffic.


Destination Charters

Burren & Cliffs of Moher UNESCO Global Geopark, Cuilcagh Lakelands UNESCO Global Geopark, Joyce Country and Western Lakes Geopark

This is a case study of how 3 destinations were facilitated in creating a Destination Charter based on regenerative principles.

Using our Super Six of Better Tourism paradigm as a departure platform (i.e. the point from which conversations with stakeholders started) here are the Charters that emerged from three distinctive destinations that we have worked with.

All three destinations sought a Charter that would include tourism but also be about more than tourism. The starting mindset was about ensuring the visitor economy delivers a net positive benefit for communities, the environment, and the destination. 

People We've Worked With


As part of our sustainability policy, The Tourism Space™, has committed to raising awareness of how tourism can positively contribute to the global sustainability agenda. We have extensive experience, from both a research and practice perspective, in supporting the emergence of sustainable approaches within businesses and destinations. We integrate the Sustainable Development Goals into our programme design and delivery, thereby building awareness and understanding and highlighting how each business and destination can contribute in practical and meaningful ways.

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