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Online professional development and networking

Your business can never be better than you are.  It can only be as good as you are.  It can only ever change if you change.  It can only grow if you grow.    

As an owner or manager of a tourism business, therefore, there are a few questions worth asking yourself.  For example, how good do you personally need to be to allow your business thrive? How do you keep developing professionally at a rate that matches the pace of change in the industry? How can you stay current with changing attitudes and technologies, able to anticipate changes and not just react to them?

It’s questions like these that led Tina O’Dwyer to create The Tourism Space:

“This is an online personal and professional development platform. My aim is to make high performance tools accessible to every tourism and hospitality professional around the world.”

If you own or manage a tourism or hospitality business, The Tourism Space offers you online training, networking and coaching resources that are accessible to you anytime, anywhere and on any device. They are tailored to tourism and hospitality, and are designed to empower you achieve high performance in the industry.

The Tourism Space: use it to grow, use it to connect, let it help you build a business and destination that last.

Independently assessed and verified by the All-Ireland Business Foundation.

Independently assessed and verified by the All-Ireland Business Foundation.




Empowering teams and groups to work together to imagine new possibilities and  achieve breakthrough results. more


Enabling you to define and unleash your vision for yourself, your project, your business or your destination. more


Constantly learning, constantly sharing knowledge and insights in tailored training programmes. more


Tourism Consulting

Providing analysis and insight for strategy development; creating tools and solutions that help achieve strategic goals. more


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