Jarlath O'Dwyer

I spent a large part of my 20 year career away from home, with up to 1,000 hours per year behind the steering wheel!  My roles as a Business Coach and as a National Sales & Marketing Manager took me to every corner of Ireland, Europe and across several American states.  

The irresistible pull to North Clare and home was ever present, until 2018 when I decided that I no longer wanted a long-distance relationship with the place from where I came.  I took the leap of faith and moved from my corporate role into The Tourism Space, which is based in Ennistymon.  This has allowed me to drive less and to enjoy this great part of Ireland more.

I'm married to Tina and we have three children.  Our home is in the quiet countryside, and I love spending time there, having been so far from there for many years.

I spend most of my spare time farming and working in the great outdoors.  I am proud to say that I walk 40 kilometres a week, which is my only investment in health and fitness!

I have a keen interest in history and genealogy and have been known to organise an odd O'Dwyer Clan Gathering at our home!


"First things first."


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