7 Tips to maximise the new Fáilte Ireland domestic campaigns for your tourism business

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7 Tips to maximise the new Fáilte Ireland domestic campaigns for your tourism business

Fáilte Ireland announced two significant campaigns last week that are relevant to every single tourism business in Ireland.  The first is the Make a Break for It campaign and the other is the Covid-19 Safety Statement campaign. 

€6 million will being spent across two advertising campaigns from now until October.  The word is that you’d have to go into hiding under a giant rock or in a deep cave not to see and hear them, such is the scale and reach of the campaign. It makes sense to grab these campaign coat-tails and leverage them for all they are worth. 

Here are 7 things your tourism business could do to make the most of the Ireland: Make a Break for it Staycation Campaign 2020 and the Covid Safety Charter Campaign 2020.

  1. Covid-19 Safety Charter: Sign up for the Covid-19 Safety Charter, ensure all returning staff complete the course and include the Charter prominently everywhere – on social, website and on your premises. The campaign starts on 4th July so try to ensure you have your certificate by then.
  2. Special Offer & Experience: Create your own Make a Break For It Visitor Offer or Visitor Experience.  Align it closely with the national campaign e.g. use similar words, themes and imagery.  This will increase your chances of getting found and being recognized by the Irish visitor who is inspired by the advertising campaign.
  3. Failte Ireland Business Listing: Update your Business Listing on the Fáilte Ireland Trade Portal so that how you are presented on discoverireland.ie and regional brands aligns with this campaign.  Even if it’s all still relevant, update the content of your listing.  Change your imagery.  Ensure it is high resolution, compelling and inviting.  If you don’t have any, check out your county resources or visit irelandscontentpool.com.  Use descriptive copy and concise copy.  Ensure the booking links are 100% correct.
  4. Special Landing Page: To really maximise your chances of driving traffic to your offer, create a Make a Break For It Landing Page all of its own on your website. That gives you an opportunity to optimise for online searches and greatly increases your chances of showing up prominently in search engines.  Embed the TV ad video into this page and leverage any other imagery coming from Fáilte Ireland.
  5. Google My Business: Review your Google Business Listing so you control the information the visitors see when they find you on Google making yourself as accessible and as appealing as possible.  Add your Safety Charter here and ensure it is obvious that you have updated your details for the re-opening.
  6. Social Media Storytelling: In your social media narratives, connect your experience and place with the #MakeABreakForIt messaging and updates. Show how you are one of those places that can guarantee safety and value and also allow people open spaces and a sense of freedom.  Use the hashtags #makeabreakforit and #feelsbigger wherever relevant.  Match the tone of the national campaign: fun, humourous, Irish with a positive message that also conveys a sense of urgency.  Be light-hearted and try to capture the joy of going on holiday.
  7. Write a Blog:Write a Make a Break for It blog article.  Some good titles might be:  10 Things for Families in…, 48 hours in.., Our Favourite Walks/Hikes/Places to Eat in…

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