5 Reasons Why The Tourism Space LIVE is Different

better tourism networks & collaborations Sep 10, 2018


When I attend a training event, seminar or conference, I have a few questions I ask myself before and after the event.  Beforehand, it’s all about the decision whether to go or not and, if going, about the intention I bring to the event:

  • Will I learn something new?

  • How long will it take to travel there and back? Is it worth it?

  • Is there a speaker here that I’d really love to hear from or meet?

  • Are there topics coming up that I haven’t really thought about before?

  • Will it be easy to meet and connect with other delegates and really expand my professional network?

  • What will I be able to apply it to my business when I get back?

At the event, I write down the 3-5 biggest learnings from the day and commit to taking them away and actually doing something with them or about them. 

Once back in my own work routine, I check in with myself on a few other questions.  Did the event meet or exceed my expectations? Did I learn something new or gain a fresh perspective on some aspect of tourism relevant to me and my clients?  Have I been able to take new learnings or insights from the event and apply it to my business?

For the past year, the idea has been growing in my head that business leaders in tourism would benefit from a dedicated professional development event, one that focuses specifically on supporting people whose very livelihoods depend on their own performance and that of their tourism business.  The questions I outlined above are the  signposts and yardsticks that have guided the creation of The Tourism Space LIVE event.  We will be revealing the full programme and speaker line-up over the coming weeks.  In the meantime, here are 5 key aspects of this event that, taken together, truly differentiate it:

  1. The Tourism Space LIVE is exclusively for tourism entrepreneurs and commercial managers, for those people whose livelihood depends on high performance in their tourism business.

  2. Each speaker/trainer is Irish-based and has achieved elevated levels of success in their chosen area of expertise.

  3. Each speaker/trainer works in the private sector – like you, their livelihood depends on their performance and that of their business.

  4. The topics and themes are micro, not macro. They are about tourism at the point of transaction, about the challenges and decisions facing tourism business leaders on a day-to-day basis.

  5. The Tourism Space LIVE will make you feel great about being in tourism. It is designed to power surge your personal motivation.

Overall, the event will be densely packed with hands-on learning and practical advice.  It will focus on delivering knowledge, skills and mindset perspectives.

Commit one day to step back and focus on yourself, your motivation and key commercial drivers of your business.  I invite you to join me and other like-minded tourism entrepreneurs and commercial managers in Thomond Park, Limerick on 17th January 2019.  

Start your season on January 17th at The Tourism Space LIVE in Thomond Park, Limerick.

To purchase multiple tickets please contact us directly on [email protected]


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