• Define and unleash your vision for yourself or your business. 
  • Get clear on the future you dream of.
  • Create a plan to achieve it.

“Stop thinking. Start doing.”

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Vision Activator Overview

Vision Activator is a structured programme with professional coach and tourism expert, Tina O’Dwyer. It’s designed to enable you to unleash your ideas and ambitions and turn them into a clear and decisive business plan.  Through a blend of coaching, mentoring and training, Tina partners with you and enables you to uncover and create confident and impactful plans that cover visitor experience development, sales & distribution, communications and finances. Importantly, the process ensures that the business plan aligns with your personal values and goals, designed to build a business that serves you and your life. It will be built on actions that are stretching and ambitious, but also achievable, realistic and within your capabilities.


Vision Activator Process

The programme is carefully structured to ensure each coaching session corresponds to an element of your business plan.  Rather than write the plan for you, Tina will draw on her expertise and a suite of tools and resources to create a space where you can think through each plan element for yourself.  She will document the outcomes of each session and review them with you.  Once signed off, these are compiled into a single business plan which is built up over the course of the programme.  This ensures that the business plan is truly your plan, one that reflects you and your vision, using the words and ideas articulated by you in the sessions. 


Vision Activator enables you to:

  • Distil your values, ideas and aspirations into a clear, documented Vision Statement that describes in detail what it’s like when you get to the future you dream of.
  • Achieve crystal clarity on the destination you want to get to.
  • Work with Tina to create a practical business plan to activate your vision.
  • Access all the tools, templates and resources that you’ll need to get started and make progress.
  • Start actioning your business plan ‘as you go’, keeping on track and focused by having accountability to Tina.
  • Benefit from having a non-judgmental partner who will both challenge and champion you on your journey.
  • Emerge from the programme with a Vision Statement and Action Plan that will guide your future activity and decision-making, ensuring you remain in alignment with your long-term business goals and personal values.


Vision Activator includes:

  1. Introductory briefing meeting (45 minutes)
  2. 8 hours of one-to-one coaching with Tina (2 x 2 hour sessions and 4 x 1 hour sessions).
  3. Exercises and tasks to complete in advance of Session 1 and between sessions to build momentum and progress.
  4. Email summaries and exercise check-in with Tina between sessions.
  5. Access to information, resources and practical templates that will enable you progress your tourism business.
  6. A documented Business Plan for your vision.


It is recommended that this programme takes place over 12 weeks, allowing 2 weeks between each coaching session to enable you to reflect, research or take action.  It may be possible to complete the programme in a shorter timeframe if you are in a position to dedicate sustained attention to it. 

Programme Fee: €2500

Money Back Guarantee: If you participate in the programme and are not completely satisfied with the content and support provided, we will refund your money without argument or discussion.