Tourism Business Accelerator

Step-change your business in 90 days!



A Step-Change Programme for Tourism Experience Entrepreneurs who want to take themselves and their business to the next level of performance



Our Flagship 90 Day Training Programme that will transform how you think about your tourism business and will elevate you to the next level of performance.

This is a proven Step-by-Step Training Programme that allows you to work ON your business, not just IN it.

Make sure you have all the essential building blocks in place for a Better Tourism Business.

Create a solid foundation for building a business you love in the place that you love!

Next Start Date: 28th September 2022

Applications open now!

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This programme is for you if...



  • you are already delivering a visitor experience

  • you have had positive feedback and you know there is scope to expand

  • something is holding you back from really going for it, from  stepping into your ambition and putting yourself out there more

  • you are unsure about pricing, messaging, positioning yourself and contracting with international trade

  • you'd like to get appropriate financial compensation that reflects your skill, knowledge and time invested

  • you'd like to connect with other entrepreneurs travelling the same journey as you

What makes this programme different? How can I be confident that it will make a difference to my business? 


This is not just a training programme where we send you lots of information and workbooks.
It is also a coaching programme that helps you work on your own clarity, confidence and belief.  Your business will only ever be as good as you are!
You will also be part of an Industry Mastermind. Working with others who know your journey and are travelling that journey themselves is a game-changer. The interaction, support and sharing massively amplify your opportunity for success.


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The programme is built on our 5M Business Accelerator Framework  


Your business can only ever be as good as you are. Your mindset determines your actions and defines the limits and potential of your business. All the way through, this programme helps manage your mindset, smash limiting beliefs and evolve your personal effectiveness and leadership skills.

RESULT: Better Business Leader


‘Mission’ is all about getting deep into the engine room of your business, getting your foundation blocks soundly in place. Get clear on your vision, values, brand promises. Set clear revenue and profit targets and create a simple and effective management planning and review cycle.

RESULT: Better Focus


Before investing in sales and marketing, it’s vital to understand exactly who you are selling to and why they might buy from you. Identify your ideal clients and visitors and get to understand what they need and want from you. You can then craft a message that resonates with those who most want to hear from you. 

RESULT: Better Marketing


It’s one of the least talked about things in the tourism industry, yet one of the most critical for your tourism business: profit!  It's the very basis of sustainability for your business. This programme will help you break down some money myths and make sure you can get crystal clear on your price-experience hierarchy andoverall pricing strategy. 

RESULT: Better Profit


The market is where the magic happens! It is when you get out there talking to potential trade partners and industry gatekeepers, whether in-person or online. Step-change the professionalism of your approach, the quality of your presentation and your overall personal impact in one-to-one business scenarios. 

RESULT: Better Sales

Tourism Business Accelerator 90-Day Programme has 3 elements:

1. 90 Day Planning and Goal Setting

We kickstart the programme with a focused coaching session designed to:

  • nurture the mindset that will help you achieve true step-change
  • ensure you get clear on your programme goals 
  • set tangible targets for performance

2. Core Weekly Training  

LIVE training with Tina every week, with recording saved in your private library, including:  

  • short, focused and easily digestible training topics
  • practical workbooks or templates to apply the learning to your own business
  • progress assessment 

3. Weekly Industry Mastermind

A powerful high performance group coaching and peer-to-peer learning session that:

  • builds momentum and fosters accountability 
  • ensures you tap into the expertise of others
  • helps translate training into action
  • grows your network

Schedule Overview

(all times are Irish Standard Time)

Kickstart Wednesday
28th Sept 2022, 4-5.30pm

Focus and Goals for Next 90 Days 

Core Training & Mastermind
Wednesdays, 4-5.30pm

LIVE with Tina and your peers, every week for 10 weeks

Springboard Wednesday
14th Dec 2022, 4-5.30pm

Focus and Goals for Next 90 Days 

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Additional Supports you can count on: 

  • The Tourism Space™ 90 Day Planner
  • Weekly Progress Assessment 
  • Ongoing Access to our Private Learners Forum where you can connect with fellow learners and peer practitioners
  • Prompt, real-time responses to questions or observations you pop in the group forum at least 5 days a week
  • 9 Month's Access to all course materials
  • Certificate of Completion to confirm your investment in your professional development
  • Digital Learner Badge for your social media channels 
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"The greatest danger for most of us is not that our aim is too high and we miss it, but that our aim is too low and we achieve it."




Jamese McCloy

Glenshane Country Farm

The programme changed my perspective on the potential of the business and grew my mindset to help me realise that potential. I stepped up my targets and my ambition for where the business can go. I’ve crystal clarity on what it takes to get there and great confidence in what to say yes to and what to say no to.
Caroline Rigney of Rigney's Farm

Caroline Rigney

Rigney's Farm Retreat

Working with Tina during the course of the programme was brilliant for me and my business. Having someone to tease out tourism ideas to diversify the business is a great asset to have. I now have a clear roadmap for the coming months and future projects and opportunities.

Mark Rodgers

Dalriada Kingdom Tours

I know now how my business works and where the revenue comes from. I'm focused on doing this right, on ensuring I’m working with the right people for right levels of compensation and in a way that builds long-term, lasting relationships. I went from being a tour guide trying to run a business to being a business man who can tour guide.

Single Payment


  • 90 Day Planning Session 
  • Weekly bite-sized live training 
  • Weekly live Industry Mastermind and Coaching sessions
  • The Tourism Space™ 90 Day Planner
  • Private Learner Forum 
  • Toolkits and templates
  • Certificate of Completion
  • Digital Lifelong Learner Badge
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Instalment Payments

3 x €237

  • 90 Day Planning Session 
  • Weekly bite-sized live training 
  • Weekly live Industry Mastermind and Coaching sessions
  • The Tourism Space™ 90 Day Planner
  • Private Learner Forum 
  • Toolkits and templates
  • Certificate of Completion
  • Digital Lifelong Learner Badge
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Other Questions? 


We believe that collaboration, creativity and courage can transform businesses and destinations  

We advocate for  the Super Six of Better Tourism, a tourism paradigm that focuses on delivering 6 key outcomes: 


Flourishing Communities

Empowered Visitors

Thriving Places

Profitable Businesses

Climate Action

Stakeholder Collaboration 

We want you to have complete peace of mind

If you are not 100% satisfied with the programme, just let us know within the first 14 days and we will give you your money back - no quibbles, no questions.






Email: [email protected]


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