How I Got Here

I became captivated by North Clare on the West Coast of Ireland in my early 20s.  I lived in quite a few places over the following 10 years, before finally making the decision to move here.  As soon as I did, I knew I had found my place. I knew I wouldn’t move again and that I would make it work.  In fact, I ruled out any other possibility.  The place is very beautiful, with magnificent landscapes and coastlines, a very vibrant popular culture, and an intriguing history.  It’s no surprise then that it’s also a very popular tourist destination.  Perhaps also inevitable that I ‘fell into’ the tourism industry about a decade ago. 

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The Business of Place

I have spent much of my time since then observing, researching and analysing the industry.  I have had the privilege of working with a number of tourism networks, hundreds of individual tourism enterprises as well as a range of state agencies and industry stakeholders.  Like many others, I have struggled with the complexity of place-based tourism which seeks to balance so many priorities at once: serving the visitor, delivering memorable experiences, respecting the local community, and protecting the natural assets. 

High Performance Tourism

This struggle has often led me to think about ‘High Performance Tourism’.  For me, this is a process that allows people to live in cared-for places, to practice tourism from the heart, to consistently delight visitors and to proudly build profitable businesses.  I have invested in getting clear on a positive future for myself in the tourism space.  I would like to help others do the same.  My mission is to empower great people to build great tourism businesses and maintain great tourism places.  


Helping build businesses and destinations that last