Ireland's professional development training event for business owners and managers in tourism and hospitality.

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The Tourism Space LIVE 2021 takes place in Thomond Park, Limerick on 27th January 2020, 9.00am-4.30pm.

A native Irish tree will be planted for every ticket purchased.

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The Tourism Space LIVE promises to be the fastest way to create a New Year Power Surge in yourself and your business.

What our 2020 delegates said:

There was so much relevant content, tips and guidance shared by excellent speakers that can be readily implemented in any type of business. I will be there next year for more!
An energising event with shared learning from businesses and individuals personal experiences. Fantastic opportunity to gain insight into new opportunities and to created positive changes to improve the industry for all stakeholders: business, environment, tourists and community.
This was an incredibly inspiring day.  Hearing stories from successful people across the industry, providing a fantastic insight into perseverance and resilience, left me full of enthusiasm to drive my business forward.
This was only Year 2 but already The Tourism Space was one of the first dates on my calendar for 2020 and will be again for 2021. 
Excellent speakers covering relevant topics but making it more relatable by giving their own first-hand experience.  Very enjoyable day, very well-organised and a great way to kick-start the year ahead.
A day away from the workplace that's well worth taking and a great way of investing in yourself and your business. Stimulating and inspiring speakers in bite-sized slots keep the day interesting and engaging and, no matter what your business, you'll leave with some practical nuggets you can implement to help you improve.  Highly recommended.


The ticket price for this event is €149.  A limited number of Early Bird Tickets are available at the super price of €99.  This includes a full day's training from a host of tourism and business experts, delegate pack, generous refreshments, full dinner and parking.
Our system allows you to buy single tickets and avoids booking charges.  To buy multiple tickets, just drop us a line directly on [email protected]
A native Irish tree will be planted for every ticket purchased.
Purchase Early Bird Ticket


It’s a one-day industry event about business, self-empowerment and professional development.  It blends motivation and inspiration with practical application and know-how.  It breaks down what Sustainability means your business. Walk away with ideas and actions that will empower you to lead a more purposeful, prosperous and profitable business.


It’s for business leaders in tourism and hospitality, for entrepreneurs, owners and senior managers.  It’s for professionals who are passionate about their visitor, their place and the business of tourism.  They are driven and ambitious, motivated to build a prosperous and profitable business that can sustain year-after-year.


There are 6 great reasons why you should attend:  Insights, Networking, Power Surge, Motivation, Inspiration and The Sustainability Suite.   A unique line-up of relevant speakers and panellists who will share best-in-class advice for starting, growing and step-changing your business.  Build your professional network of like-minded business leaders.  Equip yourself to lead in rapidly changing times.

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