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Our flagship training and coaching programme that will transform how you think about sustainable tourism and will empower you to communicate and market your sustainability journey. 


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Sustainable Tourism is not just about doing less harm.


It is also about generating more good!

It's about building profitable businesses that survive and thrive.


It's about helping communities and destinations to flourish. 

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The Super Six of Better Tourism Business


The most respected global standards of Sustainable and Responsible Tourism, such as the European Tourism Indicator System (ETIS) and the Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC), are based on frameworks that cover not just the environmental responsibilities of the industry, but also the social and economic contributions. 

How can we make it possible and palatable for tourism enterprises to engage in sustainable and regenerative tourism practices? That question formed the basis for Tina of 5 years of applied research, working hand-in-hand with tourism businesses and destination stakeholders.

Based on this research, Tina created the The Super Six of Better Tourism Business. This is a set of six objectives that together provide a framework for creating businesses and destinations that last.

Treating these six global principles as non-negotiable objectives, you can tailor them to shape your own journey in sustainability. They help identify the goals and actions that suit your particular business and destination.

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This course shows how your business can contribute to making tourism better for all.  

What is The Sustainable Tourism Business Course? 


It is a 12 week tourism training and coaching course that is designed to meet the needs of business owners and managers who want to lead on sustainability. It's a mix of live training, peer-to-peer discussion, group coaching and self-directed learning.


This course:

  1. shares insights to transform how you think and speak about sustainable tourism.
  2. empowers you to use these insights to lead mindset and culture change.
  3. equips you with the practical knowledge, approaches and tools that you need to make a real difference.
  4. shows you how to market your sustainability journey ethically and effectively.
  5. teaches you how to manage and measure your progress so that it can become a powerful element of your overall messaging.
  6. recognizes that business survival, cashflow and long-term profitability are primary drivers of sustainability. 


The Sustainability Course provides the framework, language and tools you need to do right by your business and also do right by your community and destination. 


Learn how to add value for your visitor, how to build your brand reputation, and how to reduce your business costs through measures that are actionable, achievable and affordable!

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"Don't look back - you're not going that way." 


Mary Engelbreit

What has changed? 

2019 - Unstoppable

  • Tourism growth deemed unstoppable.
  • Images of overtourism from the world's 'hotspots' abound.
  • Questioning of tourism's 'social license' and widespread discourse on the negative impact of tourism on society.
  • The climate crisis shapes the global political agenda and public opinion. 'Flight Shame' and similar concepts emerge.
  • Travel is democratized, affordable and booming amongst the burgeoning middle-class around the world.
  • Pursuit of Experience is a key determinant of behaviour.

2020 - Unimaginable 

  • Global tourism stops.
  • Images of deserted destinations abound. 
  • Absence of tourism leads to catastrophic level of job losses.
  • Collapse of tourism income hurts economies, communities and tourism-dependent conservation projects.
  • Society deeply misses chances to connect and gather. 
  • Travel becomes a privilege and a luxury.
  • Desire for safety, escape and connection become primary determinants of behaviour. 

2021 and beyond?

Visitors, communities and destinations want a new way forward - and they want businesses to lead! 

At this moment, you have a unique chance to be the change your visitor wants to see in the world.

The Sustainable Tourism Business Course delivers 3 Key Outcomes :

Marketing Roadmap Tourism Business Course

1. A Marketing Roadmap to build  brand value.

Take pride in your contributions and learn how to speak about them credibly and authentically.  Learn how to tell your sustainability story as it unfolds. Ensure you add value to your brand by embedding from the outset the best approaches to marketing your journey.  

Proven System Better Tourism Business Course

2. A Proven System for reducing costs and carbon. 

Learn how to save money, save resources and contribute to the overall climate change agenda through more prudent and responsible management of resources. Save energy, conserve water and reduce waste - better for the planet and better for your pocket.

Benefit Projects and People Better Tourism Business Course

3. Inspiration for projects that benefit people and places.

Your business is a net contributor to your community and destination. Learn how to further enhance your positive contributions to both. Discover techniques to empower your visitor and assure them of the value of their visit. Show that people and place matter.

Programme Content

Onboarding: Goal-Setting & Planning Huddle

We start with the end in mind and invest time in developing the mindset and targets that will help you achieve a true step-change in terms of your sustainability planning and actions during this 90 day programme.

Module 1:

Louder & Prouder

Master the Triple M Mindset (Manage - Measure - Message) and integrate marketing from the very start of your sustainability journey. Access our Storytelling Toolkit and learn how to add value in an authentic and ethical way. Grow in confidence and pride.

Module 2:

Leaner & Greener

Learn how to set up a proven measuring and monitoring system that allows you conserve resources, reduce carbon and save money. Focusing on the fundamentals of energy, waste and water management, learn how to embed a cost-effective and efficient system .

Module 3:

Better & Brighter

Learn how your business can be a force for good, and how to contribute in a way that recognizes that place and people matter. Be inspired by real-life examples of projects and people from around the world. Be supported in adapting these ideas in your business or destination.

Springboarding: Progress Review & Forward Planning Huddle

Conclude the programme with a renewed set of step-change goals. We can always do tourism better and we know that this is a journey of continuous improvement. In this part, we open a space for you to plan forward and consider the ways in which your business can continue to generate more good for you, your community and your place.  

What do I receive and what will I walk away with? 

Find out here

Why trust The Tourism Space?

Our approach stands out because it has been developed from the perspective of the commercial business.

It not only recognizes, but also celebrates, profitability as a primary driver and primary contributor to a better and more sustainable tourism future. 

Tourism Space Better Tourism Business Course

You can trust us because we have already done this to international gold standard level. The Sustainability Course is based on 5 years of applied research as part of the EU-funded Geopark LIFE Tourism for Conservation Programme 2013-2018.  This programme received the National Geographic World Legacy Award 2016, as well as a host of other sustainable, responsible and green tourism recognitions.

As part of this programme, Tina supported over 100 businesses to begin and continue their sustainable tourism journey, and co-ordinated the delivery of over 2000 training days over a 4 year-period.  She also led the creation and development of the award-winning Geopark Code of Practice for Sustainable Tourism.  The Code is still the standard adopted by more than 60 tourism enterprises, of all sizes and activity, in the region today, demonstrating that it is a valuable framework that works for real businesses over time. 

Jarlath continues our strong relationship with The Burren Ecotourism Network today, holding the position of CEO for the group. Under his stewardship, the Network received further global acclaim, when Lonely Planet named it as Best in Travel for Community Tourism in 2020.

Since 2017, we have continued to work with destinations and groups to develop sustainable development plans, industry toolkits and training resources.  We are valued for the highly practical nature of her approach and our deep understanding of the perspective of the business owner or manager. 

It is our belief that tourism businesses are net contributors to their communities and places. To ensure this, we focus much of our work on supporting businesses to be robust and profitable over time.  We also believe that sustainable tourism is a journey of continuous improvement: the important thing is not where you start or how 'green' you are when you start - the most important thing is that you start. We specialize in providing the space and resources you need on this journey.  

Tina has been recognised as a Thought Leader in High Performance Tourism, which she defines as tourism that delights visitors, champions places, benefits communities and celebrates profits - all at the same time! She speaks internationally on the topics of sustainable tourism, food tourism, stakeholder engagement and collaboration.


Our mission is to empower your tourism business to   


do more good

do less harm

leave the world a better place 


in a way that recognizes and respects your commercial responsibilities and business priorities. 


Take our Super Six Quiz

and we will send you our Definitive Guide to the Super Six of Better Tourism Business!

This quiz is made up of a simple series of statements that you can say Yes or No to.

It's designed to give you a snapshot of where you might be on your sustainability journey.  It prompts you to think about all of your business activities and how they contribute to the long-term success of your community and destination.

You may already be doing more than you think. You may also find items in here that surprise you!

There's no right or wrong answer, no pass or fail - just a moment for you to take stock of where you are right now.

When you're done, we'll also send on our Definitive Guide to The Super Six of Better Tourism Business. In it, we'll show you how to use your quiz results to build a Sustainability Policy and prioritize future actions.


The Super Six is based on award-winning research on how to adapt internationally established sustainable tourism standards to the needs and capacity of individual businesses.

Super Six Better Tourism Business

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Payment Options

Single Payment


  • Weekly live training and workshop for 12 weeks.
  • Training Bundle released in advance of live workshop each week.
  • Toolkits, templates and downloadable guides.
  • Interviews with business owners and managers active in this space, as well as practical case studies.
  • Private Member Forum.
  • Traditional & Digital Certificate of Completion.
  • Lifelong Learner Digital Badge. 
  • Pre-course and post-course planning and goal-setting group coaching session.

Instalment Payments

3 x €357

  • Weekly live training and workshop for 12 weeks.
  • Training Bundle released in advance of live workshop each week.
  • Toolkits, templates and downloadable guides.
  • Interviews with business owners and managers active in this space, as well as practical case studies.
  • Private Member Forum.
  • Traditional & Digital Certificate of Completion.
  • Lifelong Learner Digital Badge. 
  • Pre-course and post-course planning and goal-setting group coaching session.

Money Back Guarantee

We want you to have peace of mind

If you participate in the first two weeks of training and coaching and you are not 100% satisfied with the programme, let us know within the first 14 days just let us know within the first 14 days and we will give you your money back - no quibbles, no questions. Guaranteed! 





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