By working with me one-to-one or through my group or online programs, my clients achieve better results quicker and more effectively than trying to do it alone.

Now is the time to invest in naming the exact results you want and creating a crystal-clear plan that ensures you achieve them.


Leadership Mentoring

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I help my clients create a crystal-clear plan so that they can achieve the exact results they want.
When they gain clarity, they gain focus and direction and save themselves time and frustration.
They grow in confidence and determination and, ultimately, they enjoy greater success in their business year-after-year!

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Your business can only grow if you grow. Your business can only change if you take charge and lead that change.

There are many ways to work with me – as a one-to-one private client, in a group mastermind or through my online programme. I also run live training and professional development events throughout the year.

I can help you get crystal clear on the exact results you want and how to achieve them!


"I cannot recommend Tina highly enough. We worked together at a time when I had huge decisions to make in my career and life. Tina was able to help me focus my mind so that I found the path I was looking for. Her coaching style is unobtrusive yet efficient; it is intelligent, meaningful and so very worthwhile. She is an invaluable coach."

Áine Maguire, Food Entrepreneur, Wild Atlantic Way.


"Tina has an ongoing track record of very strong development and marketing achievements in the tourism sector. This makes her training so very real and relevant to those she delivers to."

Fiona Candon, Director, First Western (managed training services provider for Fáilte Ireland)


"Tina is an exceptional communicator with a comprehensive understanding of the food tourism landscape. She is impressively outcome-focused in her approach."

Sinead Hennessy, Food Tourism, Fáilte Ireland

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