Get clear on the future you dream of. Get clear on how to achieve it.

I help ambitious entrepreneurs and business leaders build a business that lasts
in the place that they love, with a crystal-clear plan that’s focused on achieving
the exact results they want.

Does any of this sound like you?

You are ambitious but time challenged.
You know there's much more possible for you and it's time to accelerate a step-change.
You see lots of opportunity all around but find it hard to prioritize, to decide the best course of action.
The business is doing well.  You're so busy that it's hard to free up time to work on bringing it to a new level. 
Finding time to look after yourself or your family is a real challenge.

That can all turn around by figuring out exactly where you want to get to next and what needs to change to ensure you get there. 

Create a perfect plan that you control, that’s focused
on achieving the exact results you want


I have built my own successful and profitable business in the place that I love. I want to help you do the same - and more!
Extensive Experience
As a professionally certified trainer, coach and mentor, I have partnered with national tourism bodies, industry organisations, state agencies and local authorities for over a decade now. I have worked with hundreds of tourism operators, both one-to-one and in group settings. I have been passionate about driving collaboration within destinations and through networks. I have helped refine visitor experiences, business plans and destination development plans. I know how the tourism industry works. And how it doesn’t! I understand the challenges and frustrations for business owners. I know where the opportunities and solutions lie.
I am truly proud to have been recognized by independent adjudicators of the Irish Business All-Star Association as a Thought Leader in High Performance Tourism.

What will you get from this program?

  • Distil your values, ideas and aspirations into a clear, documented vision for your future.
  • Achieve crystal clarity on the results you want to achieve and create an action plan to ensure you achieve them.
  • Access a suite of tools and resources that will enable you clarify and progress your ideas.
  • Keep on track and focused by having accountability to Tina.
  • Benefit from a safe and confidential thinking and talking space.
  • Have a non-judgemental partner who will both champion and challenge you on your journey.
  • Emerge from the programme with clarity, confidence and purpose.  This will ensure you move forward in alignment with your long-term business or professional goals as well as your personal values.

The Premium One-to-One Program includes:

Pre-Coaching Bonus

  • 30-minute alignment session.
  • Access to The 5-Step Clarity Course, a proven formula to building your own Vision of Greatness.  Worth €99!

3-month one-to-one coaching support:

  • 3 one-to-one coaching sessions per month (50 minutes each).
  • Email action summaries after each session.
  • Check-in with Tina between sessions as needed.
  • Access to relevant tools and resources, tailored to support your progress.
  • Monthly Accountability Report.

Added Bonus

  • As a VIP client, you receive 1 free ticket to The Tourism Space LIVE event in January, worth €149!

Want to find out more?

Fill in your details here and I will contact you to arrange a free 30-minute Discovery Call.  If you prefer, send me a text on 087 9693076.


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