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My promise to you is that the Better Tourism Business Network will empower you to CONNECT and LEARN. 

Here's how:


There are two main ways to connect: The weekly Member Huddle and the Private Member Support Forum.  The real richness and depth comes from the contributions of our members in these two places.  Together, we can build an amazing network of connections and bank of lifelong learning resources for people who work in tourism.

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CONNECTION through The Monday Huddle

Every Monday at 7.30pm GMT, there is a virtual 1-hour get-together on Zoom.  Tina facilitates the session – her job is to make sure everyone gets to contribute and that the conversations stay on topic and on time. 

It couldn’t be easier – click on the link and you’re in the room.  Over time, you’ll meet familiar faces and may choose to connect further offline.

We have a predictable routine each:

First Monday: Goals, Goal-Setting - the place to find focus and accountability. 

Second Monday: Mindset - choosing the perspectives that serve us!

Third Monday: Invited Guest Expert

Fourth Monday: Member Spotlight where a member tells their story and also teaches it! 

Our experience is that hearing the journey of others can be very inspiring and is greatly valued by our members.

This is our magic space.  You’ll learn about other people and what they’re doing and they’ll also learn from you. You’ll make business connections and personal friendships. 

Connection Tourism Space Better Tourism Business Network
Connection Tourism Space Better Tourism Business Network

CONNECTION through the Private Member Support Forum

A bit like a Facebook group, but fully private in our own online platform.  This is a great complement to the Huddle meetings, where connections made in the Huddle can be deepened in the Forum.  It’s a space for our members to ask questions, share wins, celebrate successes and contribute new insights – whenever they come up for them.  It’s available 24-7 and members can contribute and catch up at times that suit themselves.

LEARNING: The Tourism Treasury

Of course, there are great learnings in the Monday Huddle and the Private Members Forum.  As if that wasn't enough, though, I've added in a host of on-demand, self-paced learning resources in our ‘Tourism Treasury’.  And we’re only at the beginning.  We will be adding to this treasure chest every week and every month. Best of all, we’ll be inviting members to do the same. 

Our goal is to ensure you can find the resources you need, at the time that you need them and in the format that you prefer. 

Keep scrolling for a flavour of all what's in The Tourism Treasury....

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Two self-paced courses.

The first thing to tell you about The Treasury is that you’ll get two online training courses the moment you join - on two subjects really dear to our hearts: VISIONING AND SUSTAINABILITY. The 5 Step clarity course is a methodology for creating your own  Vision for Greatness, while 'The Introduction to Sustainability' Course gives a great overview of what sustainability means for tourism now.  (Later on, we add some great training resources to help you really get on top of becoming leaner and greener in your business!)  

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No time for training?

For when you just don’t have the time for detailed business training, check out our library of '3 Minute Trainings'.  Neatly organized into subject categories, dip in and out as you need to. If you’re an expert in a topic, you can also add your own 3 Minute Training! Lots of knowledge packed into just 3 minutes – you can never say you don’t have enough time to learn a little more than you knew yesterday!

And that's not all!!

When it is safe to do so again, we plan to resume our schedule of face-to-face networking and training events, including our flagship conference which takes place in Ireland in january each year.  As a member, you automatically get a 20% discount on any live training or event hosted by The Tourism Space.

All of this for just €29 per month!

For even better value, we offer an annual subscription of €290 - this means you get two months free!!

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