One-to-One Coaching Programme

Get clear on the future you dream of. Get clear on how to achieve it.

The Pandemic Pause has given us all time to reflect and re-imagine. 

Perhaps you're looking for clarity on how and where you can grow your business in the future. 

Maybe you'd like to re-assess your own role in the business?

Or perhaps move on from the work you are currently doing and enhance your career?

How can My Clarity Coach help?

This is a one-to-one coaching programme, designed to enable you to get clarity on the destination you want to get to and then figure out an effective roadmap to get you there.
Through coaching, you’ll define your goals and identify the way forward to achieve them. You’ll engage in self-exploration that will allow you to reflect, think, build on your existing strengths and then develop strategies to move into new areas or situations. The goal of My Clarity Coach is to inspire you to maximize your personal and professional potential in the tourism space.

The One-to-One Coaching Process

Coaching is about outcomes, learning and change. It allows you to take yourself outside the ‘noise’ of your day-to-day life and gift yourself the time to pause, reflect and truly think. The coaching process creates a private and confidential space where you can think and talk aloud. It’s a space that is supportive, professional, and forward-looking.

Coaching widens perspectives and generates new insights. You may arrive at greater awareness about yourself, your way of being, your style of working, your professional direction or your feelings and values. You may also develop new perspectives on your options and choices, and your ultimate goals. Getting clear on a positive future and purpose for you, your work or your business will allow you make better decisions and focus on what really matters. You will move forward with confidence and impact.


  • Distil your values, ideas and aspirations into a clear, documented Vision Statement that describes in detail what it’s like when you get to the future you dream of.
  • Achieve crystal clarity on the destination you want to get to.
  • Access a suite of tools and resources that will enable you clarify and progress your ideas.
  • Keep on track and focused by having accountability to Tina.
  • Benefit from a safe and confidential thinking and talking space.
  • Have a non-judgemental partner who will both champion and challenge you on your journey.
  • Emerge from the programme with CLARITY, confidence and purpose.  This will ensure you move forward in alignment with your long-term business or professional goals as well as your personal values.

My Clarity Coach Includes

Pre-Coaching Bonus

  • 30-minute alignment session.
  • Access to The 5-Step Clarity Course (self-guided), a proven formula to building your own Vision of Greatness.  Worth €99!

My Clarity Coach includes:

  • 6 one-to-one coaching sessions per month (55 minutes each).
  • Exercises to complete in advance of Session 1 and between sessions to build momentum and progress. 
  • Email action summaries after each session.
  • Check-in with Tina between sessions as needed.
  • Access to tools and resources that will enable you clarify and progress your ideas. 


  • The program normally takes place over a 6-week period, allowing one week between sessions to enable you to reflect, research or take action. 

Want to find out more?

Fill in your details here and I will contact you to arrange a free 30-minute Discovery Call. This will help us figure out if we are a good fit for each other.


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