Before Covid-19, everyone was talking about 'Sustainability'.  Once we emerge to a 'new normal', it is expected that the values and principles associated with the Sustainability Mindset will be even more important in society in general.  It is expected that they will be an even stronger influence of visitor behaviour.

Does any of this ring a bell?

You knew you needed to take the lead on this but didn't know where to start.  
Or you had actually started but it felt like you were just 'ticking green boxes', without any real conviction about why you're doing it.
You found the conversation a bit overwhelming and found it hard at times to stay tuned in to it.
Perhaps you’re still not sure if visitors even care all that much.  Most importantly, you don’t know the answer to the question "What’s in it for me and my business?"

This program will help you understand how 'sustainability' can make sense for your business.

Our next program starts on Monday 4th May. 

Live Training takes place on Mondays and Fridays at 9.15am (GMT) for 6 weeks. 
All trainings are recorded so no need to worry if you miss one!

Sustainability is about Leadership

Sustainability is a journey.  Sustainability demands transition and transformation and strong leadership is required to bring this about.

In order to lead, you need two vital components: CLARITY and CONFIDENCE.

Right now you have the time to achieve that clarity and confidence - before you return to the busy-ness of the business.  Spend a little time figuring out what sustainability means for your business.  Avoid taking on 'greening' in a piecemeal way.  Satisfy yourself as to the best and most authentic approach for you. 
Make 2020 the year when you not only Make Sense of Sustainability, but also set yourself up to lead the  transformation in your business. 


I have built my own successful and profitable business in the place that I love. I want to help you do the same - and more!
Extensive Experience
As a professionally certified trainer, coach and mentor, I have partnered with national tourism bodies, industry organisations, state agencies and local authorities for over a decade now. I have worked with hundreds of tourism operators, both one-to-one and in group settings. I have been passionate about driving collaboration within destinations and through networks. I have helped refine visitor experiences, business plans and destination development plans. I know how the tourism industry works. And how it doesn’t! I understand the challenges and frustrations for business owners. I know where the opportunities and solutions lie.
I am truly proud to have been recognized by independent adjudicators of the Irish Business All-Star Association as a Thought Leader in High Performance Tourism.

What will you get from this program?

  • Clarity about what 'Being Sustainable' looks like for your business.
  • Confidence to lead the Sustainability Agenda within your business, to set realistic expectations and targets for you and your team.
  • A framework for engaging your team, for setting targets and measuring performance.
  • An authentic, well-thought-out Sustainability Statement and Sustainability Action Plan, sense-checked by an expert, that truly represent you and your business. 
  • Commitment to clearly-defined goals and actions.
  • Clarity on how to link your sustainability activity to your marketing strategy
  • An authentic message that you and your team can be proud of, one that speaks to your visitor and trade partners and also stands up to scrutiny. 
  • Peer Support and Knowledge Sharing through the private online forum and live training sessions.

Program Overview

Pre-Program Prep

  • "Begin with the End in Mind" with a 30 Minute One-to-One Goal-Setting Call with Tina.
  • Access to The 5 Step Clarity Course which will help you dig deep to clarify a business vision fit for The Era of Sustainability.

6 Weeks - 6 Steps

  • Take the Lead: The Sustainability Mindset & Engaging Others.
  • Take Stock: Figure out where you are right now.
  • Take Aim: Figure out where you want to get to. 
  • Take a Stand: Create your Sustainability Statement - let people know what you stand for. 
  • Take Action: Write your SMART Sustainability Action Plan.
  • Take Pride: Authentically communicate your Sustainability Program.

Program Format

  • 1 One-to-One Goal-Setting Call
  • 1 Insights Report + 2 online meet-ups per week: 1 Live Training with Q&A; 1 Progress Check-In Call
  • The Make Sense Group: a private online forum to share ideas, resources and questions with other participants throughout the program.
  • The Sustainability Toolkit: a set of checklists, templates and tools that can help you and your team on the journey. 
  • Expert Sense-Check Review of your Sustainable Statement and Sustainability Action Plan.

Would you like more information?

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