What people say about The Huddle

"there is no hierarchy - it's very inclusive and no question is invalid - it's an open forum."

"The experts that visit add a lot of value"

"a peer support group in a safe space"

"fantastic, easy, convenient way to connect securely and share so much, and is good for the planet as you can gather in the comfort of your own space. Great way to communicate, learn and meet new people and make new contacts."

"Networking is vital to collaboration and that’s the key to tourism . I found the right calibration of people to network with and I have done business as a result"

"Running a small business can be quite lonely. It's so helpful to have a group where you can run ideas past each other and build relationships!"

"It's a privilege to have an hour with Tina and the many other successful business owners and managers that openly give so much of their time, knowledge and experience to help you in any struggles or concerns you have."

"The Huddle manages the relaxed friendly personable atmosphere really well. Its unique as it's almost like a group mentoring session giving food for thought and confidence to the attendees. It's a unique network and Zoom is a perfect platform for it."

"Knowledge: there are certain people I could listen to all evening, they freely shared information and knowledge gathered over years of experience that you won't pick up in a book."

"a communication lifeline for our industry"

The Better Tourism Business Network

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