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Become part of a community of tourism professionals, enjoy a sense of belonging and togetherness, connect with like-minded peers who understand the journey!

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Everyone is welcome and it is free to all. We have two opportunities to meet each month.

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December Guest Speaker Sean Davoren | Co-Founder Caherconnell Stonefort and Sheepdog Demonstrations Topic: Generational and Succession Planning for Tourism and Hospitality Businesses | Monday 12th December 2022 | The Huddle The Tourism Space
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Gain insights from experts in the industry and connect, share and grow with like-minded tourism and hospitality professionals.

Who is The Tourism Space™ Huddle for?

Anybody with a professional interest in tourism is warmly welcomed into The Huddle. It is for entrepreneurs, business owners and managers in tourism and hospitality. 

If you like learning and if you like to contribute and share, then this is a perfect space for you. 

Our focus is on the business of tourism and supporting the business owners and managers that deliver tourism experiences in a rapidly changing world. Not only is this valuable for tourism businesses, but also for consultants, trainers, destination managers and industry spokespersons. It is free and all are welcome!

We work within the principles of sustainable and regenerative tourism and welcome those who wish to contribute to evolving a better form of tourism.

What our members say

"I have been part of The Tourism Space Membership since its inception in October 2020, a contributor to and benefactor of The Huddle since March 2020 and a massive fan of The Tourism Space for many years. What is beneficial, as a Managing Director of a family run tourism business, is that my membership gives me safe access to to many like-minded, experienced, and encouraging people. Tina, Jarlath and all at The Tourism Space facilitate the many and varied facets of the Network seamlessly, with great knowledge, authenticity, and professionalism. The Tourism Space Membership community is my go-to business mentoring service, and I would encourage anyone thinking about investing in themselves to give it a go!" 

Nuala Mulqueeney, Managing Director, Aillwee Burren Experience, Ireland

Testimonial for The Tourism Space Huddle from Nuala Mulqueeney, Managing Director, Aillwee Burren Experience
Testimonial for The Tourism Space Huddle from Mark Rodgers, Dalriada Kingdom Tours

What our members say

When Tina invited me along to the Huddle, I instantly felt as if I had found my “safe harbour” in the storm that was and is Covid. I was sharing my worries and fears with my peers and the openness and honesty was refreshing and just what I needed.

The wealth of experience amongst the group is incredible and each month when someone steps into the “Spotlight” well ! every time the stories get more and more inspiring 

We have guest speakers addressing relevant issues including mindfulness & sustainability to name a few. We have discussed tourism in the community and enhancing the experience for everyone involved,  our hopes and fears - you name it and we chat it through. 

There are no egos and no hiding places just an open honest place to make lasting friendships and develop as a professional and a human being." 

Mark Rodgers, Mentor, Business Owner, Dalriada Kingdom Tours, Northern Ireland

What our members say

“I’ve been a member of the Huddle by the Tourism Space since the dark days of March 2020 and the outset of the COVID-19 pandemic in Ireland. At a time when I was disconnected physically from colleagues and clients in the tourism sector, I found it a huge comfort, support and asset to be able to connect with a diverse group of industry professionals to share experience, challenges and best practice - not to mention growing friendships and laughter. 

Since society and the sector has been reopening it has been invaluable to check in most Monday evenings with the group and share ideas, hope and fears and above all to gain motivation. 

It’s been a real boon to someone running a solo business to have a group of people who share their huge expertise and insight so warmly and so openly. The program of activity we follow fosters that while also bringing in external expertise to stimulate discussion. It’s like a friendly masterclass that always includes a healthy dose of humour.”

Katherine Webster, Business Owner, Kittiwake Solutions, Ireland

Testimonial for The Tourism Space Huddle from Katherine Webster, Business Owner, Kittiwake Solutions


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