"None of us is as smart as all of us"

I champion collaboration. I host meaningful conversations between stakeholders in destinations. I help connect their ideas so they can work together to build destinations that last. Having clarity of purpose and direction is the very cornerstone of high performance - it’s the foundation upon which all future success is built. It is absolutely vital in cases where multiple stakeholders come together as a group to achieve a particular objective.
Our facilitation process helps people work together so they can create and pursue shared visions. It is a process that has been refined over a number of years and can take place in traditional workshop settings and also online using digital technologies.
I prepare deeply in advance, working closely with you to clarify the results you want from the process. I then develop an agenda and approach that aligns with your objectives and also engages participants.
The facilitation feeds into strategy by capturing group sentiment, documenting outcomes, and recommending implementation plans.
My objective is to get the most from the people who participate - to harness the ideas, ambitions and even reservations of individuals and allow them to create new perspectives and opportunities for the group.
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Benefits to the Group

This facilitation service enables your team to get clear on a positive future and design a path to achieve it.


  • Saves time.
  • Allows each member express their observations, ideas and suggestions.
  • Moderates differing perspectives and priorities within the group - independently.
  • Provides a moment to ‘take-stock’, review progress to date, and identify current opportunities and challenges. 
  • Builds clarity around group purpose, scope and objectives.
  • Taps into the creative skills and ideas of members and builds energy and momentum as these ideas inspire and trigger further innovation.
  • Helps groups manage change.

A Customized Facilitation

This is a fully customized facilitation service. The process is tailored to the exact needs of your stakeholder group and can take place in person or online. Typically, the process involves the following steps:

  1. Briefing. Briefing discussions to ensure thorough understanding.  Draft and re-draft of brief until it is agreed.  This includes deciding the  number and duration of sessions, venues, preparations required and overall fee.
  2. Facilitated Group Session(s). During the briefing process, we will agree how many sessions are needed for the group to achieve its objectives.  One session will suffice for many groups.  Each facilitated session is between 2 and 3 hours in duration.
  3. Report. Within one week of the session, a written report on discussions and outcomes of the session is returned to you.
  4. Recommendations. As a neutral observer, I share observations and make recommendations in light of group objectives. 
  5. Evaluation & Feedback. In the spirit of continuous improvement, I will ask for your evaluation of the process and seek feedback on its effectiveness. 

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