One-to-One Professional Coaching


What is Coaching?

The International Coach Federation defines 'Coaching' as 'partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximise their personal and professional potential.'

In a rapidly changing and challenging environment, tourism professionals can benefit from coaching which allows them build on their strengths, increase self-awareness and develop strategies for leading in new and complex situations. It allows space to think, reflect and ultimately move forward with your goals.

Tina is a professionally certified Coach, having completed a 135 hour Professional Coaching Certificate which is recognized by the International Coach Federation (ICF).  She is a member of ICF and has also been recognized as an All Star Thought Leader in High Performance Tourism 2019.

Coaching is about outcomes, learning and change. It allows you to take yourself outside the ‘noise’ of your day-to-day life and gift yourself the time to pause, reflect and truly think. The coaching process creates a private and confidential space where you can think and talk aloud. It’s a space that is supportive, professional, and forward-looking.

Coaching widens perspectives and generates new insights. You may arrive at greater awareness about yourself, your way of being, your style of working, your professional direction or your feelings and values. You may also develop new perspectives on your options and choices, and your ultimate goals. Getting clear on a positive future and purpose for you, your work or your business will allow you make better decisions and focus on what really matters. You will move forward with confidence and impact.

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