Monday 7th September -  Monday 5th November 2020

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Members of the following networks are invited and warmly encouraged to take part: Tourism East Clare, Creative Clare Network and Clare Food & Drink Network (New).

CLDC successfully obtained LEADER funding to support this programme, meaning you can take part at no financial cost to yourself.  Simply register here for free and join in!



Purpose of the CLDC Networks Development Training Programme


  • connect businesses who are members of the same network together online

  • enable peer collaboration

  • allow businesses to share experience, insights and learnings during a challenging period 

  • provide training and mentoring that helps strengthen both the Network and its members

  • ensure members feel supported and connected throughout this period of uncertainty. 

  • enable access for members to expert advice and resources as they need them.

  • reduce feelings of isolation in difficult times.



Business Recovery Training

A series of 1 hour online training sessions.  This training is designed to support participating businesses through the particularly challenging circumstances in 2020.

Network Workshops

The weekly Mastermind is designed to enable members collaborate and work together to develop the Network itself. It allows for training, brainstorming, problem-solving, and creative thinking.

Private Resource Library

All course materials are curated in a central online location which will include recordings of the training and masterminds, reference materials and any useful templates or tools referred to during the training.

Access to expert advice

A team of expert facilitators and trainers will share their expertise and insights with network members. Guest speakers from industry, other networks and relevant agencies will also contribute.


Over 10 weeks, network members can participate in weekly Business Recovery Training as well as a weekly Network Building workshop.  The programme takes place fully online, with expert trainers and facilitators who are experienced in working with networks and delivering supports online. 

Strand 1: Supporting Business Recovery


Mondays 2-3pm: Business Sessions

These sessions will cover a range of topics designed to support network members in dealing with the impact of the pandemic on their businesses.  There will be both formal training and discussion in sessions. All materials will be saved to your library so you can access them anytime.

Strand 2: Strengthening the Network

Thursdays 2-3pm: Network Sessions

These sessions are designed to develop member capacity to strategically network, provide peer support to each other and learn from each other.  Each network will have time to work on their own priorities and objectives and will also benefit from sessions where there is interaction with other networks.
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  • Monday 17th August: Vision for a New Future - Managing Mindset and Business Focus
  • Monday 7th September:  Working with a Pandemic: Effective Reassurance & Safety Messaging
  • Monday 14th September:  From Being Online to Selling Online
  • Monday 21st September: Leveraging Local Media to Grow your Business
  • Monday 28th September: New Dimensions in Customer Service - online and behind the mask
  • Monday 5th October: Emerging Trends in Retail & Tourism Spending
  • Monday 12th October: Using Zoom effectively - for selling, negotiating and network meetings.  
  • Monday 19th October: Cashflow & Cash Management 
  • Thursday 20th August: Mission, Vision & Objectives for the Network 2020+
  • Thursday 10th September: g Membership - attracting, retaining, aligning, engaging, unifying.
  • Thursday 17th September: Establishing and online booking portal for your group of destination
  • Thursday 24th September: Appoint officers, managing member expectations and responsibilities.
  • Thursday 1st October: Running effective meetings. 
  • Thursday 8th October: Benefits of county-wide trails e.g. food, craft, art, walks
  • Thursday 15th October: Network Charter & Development Plan
  • Thursday 22nd October: Training Benefits and Facilitation Skills within the Network

Thursday 29th October: Next Steps Webinar for all Networks and representatives of CLDC

Thursday 5th November: 'Eye to the Future' Springboard Session.


All Mondays & Thursdays for 10 weeks from 7th September to 5th November

Mondays 2pm-3pm & Thursdays 2pm-3pm

All sessions take place live using the Zoom platform.
All sessions will be recorded and saved in the course library for easy access.
You will receive private login details to the online library area after you register.


Programme Lead

Tina O'Dwyer is the Lead Facilitator on this programme.  She is a leading expert in Ireland in the area of networking and peer collaborations and works with networks in Ireland, Northern Ireland and Scotland helping them to become stronger and more effective.
Tina is the Founding Director of The Tourism Space, an online training, networking and professional development platform for tourism business owners and managers.

Specialist Trainers & Speakers

Jarlath O’Dwyer of The Tourism Space will be a Lead Trainer and Facilitator.  Jarlath is a sales and marketing expert with extensive experience in network and business development. 

Julie Carr of Julie Carr Media will deliver training on the specific topic of Using Local Media to Grow your Business.

Jean O’Connell of O’Connell Marketing will deliver training on the specific topic of the benefits of a dedicated online booking resource to co-ordinate tourism activities.

Guest speakers who can share practical and relevant experiences with the networks will be invited to take part as the programme progresses.

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An opportunity to journey forward with fellow network members, supporting your business and helping build a strong and robust network.  

  • Training and resources to help strengthen your core business
  • Up-to-the-minute training and insights that are responsive to what's happening in the external environment
  • A platform for connecting with other network members and leverage your network membership
  • A weekly Mastermind where you can learn from others and also contribute your own learnings and insights
  • Training on how to network strategically
  • An opportunity to build members skills in managing the network into the future
  • A framework of support while dealing with the challenges presented by Covid 19

You will feel both supported and valued, part of a network of networks within Co. Clare.


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