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Feb 02, 2019


“The standard you set is the standard you get.”

The Tourism Space LIVE, Ireland’s first national professional development and self-empowerment event for tourism professionals, took place in January 2019.  I learned so much from the various speakers over the course of that day.  This quote about setting standards came from Caroline McEnery, HR Expert, and Director of the HR suite.  Caroline offered this nugget of wisdom in the context of sharing advice on managing teams and maximizing team performance.

For me, it resonated really strongly with the overall theme for the day ‘Massive Vision Massive Action.’  After the event, I found myself repeating that one line over and over to myself and thinking about how it related to me personally.   As individuals, we can set standards for ourselves or else we can neglect to do so.  Either way, your outcomes will be determined by that standard you set or the one you settle for.

So what about you?  What standard are you setting for yourself?  What’s going to be good enough for you? What are you prepared to settle for? To put it in a better way, what are you preparing to aim for? 

Setting a standard is like creating your vision.  Both are about defining your picture of success at a point in time in the future.  ‘The standard you set is the standard you get’ is another way of saying that the vision you build is the reality you achieve. 

Here’s a simple approach to building a big vision or setting a high standard for yourself.  Think about where you are now.  This is Point A.  Think about where you want to get to.  This is Point B.  To get from Point A to Point B, you must have a very clear understanding of what Point A is and what Point B is.  In performance terms, Point A is your baseline and Point B is your target.  

If either of these points is not perfectly clear to you, then you’re doing yourself a disservice.  Vague targets lead to vague results.  If you haven’t clarity on your baseline and your target, it’s almost inevitable that you’ll end up settling for a low standard for yourself.   You’ll be letting things happen to you rather than making them happen for you. 

Here’s a suggested approach to help you set a high standard and achieve it:

1.       Concentrate your mind on yourself.  All success starts in the mind.  If you can create it in your mind, you can create it in reality.

2.       Set a high standard for yourself.  Don’t settle.  Expect the best for yourself and expect the best from yourself.

3.       Describe that standard in rich sensory detail and in way that you can measure.  Make sure you’ll know when you have achieved it.

4.       Identify some others who have achieved that standard and set out to learn from them.  Meet and network with them.  Surround yourself with them. 

Your baseline is where you are now.  Your target is where you want to get to.  The people you seek out and choose to surround yourself with on the journey become your benchmark. 

Remember, the standard you set for yourself is the standard you get for yourself.  The vision you build for yourself is the reality you achieve for yourself.  It  takes the same amount of effort to set a high standard as to set a low standard.  Be ambitious for yourself.  Build a vision for greatness.  Set a high standard for yourself.


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