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6 Ways to motivate seasonal staff

Seasonal staff are vitally important. If you hire wrong people, you will lose business.  If you manage them wrongly, you will suffer a host of problems caused by low morale.  Here are 6 ways to motivate seasonal staff so that you give them the best chance to perform to the highest level in your busiest time.  

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Seasonal staff training is the best way to improve your customer experience

You rely on seasonal staff to deliver your best customer experience at the busiest time.  Check out the benefits of seasonal staff training and take account of these 5 tips if you want to make your staff training programme as effective as possible. 

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Team huddle for entrepreneurs, the best 5 minutes of your day

Do you want your team to have more focus this season? Would you like to improve productivity and accountability? What about keeping team spirit and team morale high even when you’re all flat out looking after your visitor?  Could the answer possibly be a Team Huddle Meeting?

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