Achieving Focus with the 4 Part Success System

focus goals mindset Jan 05, 2022
The 4 Part Success System Graphic: Dream, Vision, Goals, Focus

Having abandoned my corporate career to live in a beautiful place that had stolen my heart many years before, it was actually a surprise to me to discover the tourism industry. I fell into it almost by accident and have been loving and learning my way through it ever since.

I observed something very early about tourism and hospitality. The entire industry seemed focused on the visitor and on the experience. There seemed to be little attention given to the host and the exchange. ‘Who hosts the hosts?’ I often wondered. ‘Who looks after those whose service it is to look after others?’

It was this that inspired me to become a professional coach and facilitator specializing in networking and professional development supports for business and industry leaders. It also led me to found The Huddle at The Tourism Space™, an online networking and self-empowerment membership community for tourism professionals around the world.


Focus: a major challenge

One of the most common challenges I hear from business owners and industry leaders in tourism and hospitality is the challenge of achieving and maintaining focus. When I look back and think of the clients and colleagues who cite this as a major issue for them, there are some consistent similarities in what they say.


  • “It’s not that I’m not busy – I am! I’m just not sure that I’m making progress.”
  • “It’s not that I can’t focus on a task. I’m actually really good at completing tasks and ticking things off the ‘To Do’ list.”
  • “It’s not that I’m not productive – typically I get through lots every day and every week.”


Like most of us, they are busy, productive and progressive people. When we distil it down though, the key issue is that they find it hard to focus on the right things and even to be certain of what the right thing is. They’re rarely sure that the work they are doing is bringing them nearer to where they want to be.


Achieving the right kind of focus needs the right kind of work!

Focus doesn’t just happen, and busyness is in fact the enemy of focus.

You can get up any morning and focus on your To Do List. However, you can’t get up and just decide to focus on the things that move your life forward. Why not? Because you have to first put in the work that gets you really clear on what success looks like for you, on what exactly it is you want to achieve, on what exactly are the most impactful things in your life. Most people have only a vague idea of those things, rather than a clear one.

I believe strongly in the power of visioning and intentional planning, of listening to your heart and then deploying your head to make your dreams and vision a reality. This approach didn’t come naturally to me. I’ve worked hard to embed it. It has transformed my life and I’ve seen it change the lives and work of my clients on an ongoing basis.


The 4 Part Success System

I developed it into the 4 Part Success System, which I originally used just for myself and now share with my clients and our members in The Huddle. It’s built on 4 connected fields that continuously replenish each other:

  • Dreams: an expression of what is is that you would truly love to be, do or have in life. It’s based listening to your heart and tapping into your intuition at a deep level, being brave enough to articulate the most ambitious and outlandish aspirations you have, irrespective of your current context.


  • Vision : your definition of success for you, your life and your work for a particular period of time. It’s a picture in words or images of the destination you want to arrive at within a month, a quarter or a year. It’s described in rich sensory detail as if you’ve already achieved it.


  • Goals : how you anchor your dreams and vision through setting specific targets or outcomes that are measurable, realistic, achievable and time-bound.


  • Focus: the daily habits and rituals that make sure you keep an eye on your dream, vision and goals, that help you on a daily basis say yes to the right stuff and no to the rest.


To focus, you need first to be clear on your dreams, vision and  goals. Otherwise, what would you focus on?


Success at a personal level is about gaining clarity on your dreams, vision and goals for your life and then enabling yourself to focus on what it will take to help you achieve them.  It’s about enjoying the peace of mind that comes with setting your own standard and your own pace. It’s about achieving clarity for your decision-making.


If you’d like to learn more about implementing the 4-Part Success System, check out The Tourism Space Membership. You will access a comprehensive training programme and set of resources that will allow this simple system support you in your life and in your business!  Our Member Huddle kicks off every month with a Group Coaching Session on Goals and starts every 90 Day period with a Visioning session.
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