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better tourism regenerative tourism May 05, 2020

Over the past few weeks, I’ve heard what seems like a lot of people say in one way or another that they’re feeling a sense of relief now that they are away from their business.  One person spoke about being ‘terrified’ around staff on a daily basis, another of working excessive hours every single day, another about being always afraid that something was getting missed because so many things were going on at once.  I also heard two people speak about the almost constant benign pressure to ‘do better’ – a better visitor experience, a better digital marketing campaign, a better website, a better employer, a better guardian of the landscape, a more responsible user of resources, a better networker, a better contributor. 

Some of this might resonate with you.  What’s most striking to me, now that we’re quite a few weeks into the Big Pause, is how many people are speaking about this period as a Big Opportunity.  It’s an opportunity to review, dive deep into every aspect of the business and the role of every person within it, to examine how a better balance between busyness and value can be struck, to think about the very ethos and raison d’etre of the business.  It’s an opportunity to take a break from the constant push for more or better and to perhaps get a better sense of what ‘enough’ might be in the future.

It seems there are a lot of underlying aspects of the business or the industry that have been really bothering and perhaps even oppressing people.  I wonder is this sentiment widespread out there? My hunch is that it might be.  For a long time, we have been able to see real weaknesses in how the industry operates, not least in the sustainability of the business model and the lifestyles for those who own and manage tourism businesses.

I hope it’s not glib to say this but it took a pandemic for this type of opportunity to present itself.  I’m by no means grateful for the pandemic, and I hope one of our learnings from this year is to build in pause for soul-searching reflection more often. 

We have a collective responsibility to now re-imagine tourism at every level – the experience, the business operations, the industry model.  Who should the industry serve and how? How can we re-define ‘success’ and ‘growth’ so that all stakeholders thrive in a balanced way?  How can we get conversations going that generate and capture a new vision for the future?

I wish I had answers to these questions.  I don’t.  Nobody does.  The answers can only come through collective engagement and working together to find a new way for us to imagine and create new futures together.  It’s for this reason that, having mulled this over for a few weeks, I decided to facilitate a new offering called “Reimagining Tourism – A Business Transition Program”.  

This program is for you if you are the owner or manager of a business in the tourism, hospitality or leisure sectors. It will suit businesses of all sizes and from all sectors of tourism - destinations are diverse and the group is likely to be also.  There are just 25 spaces. This is the program to help you re-boot your tourism business in an intentional way.  It’s an opportunity not just to restart, but to re-imagine.   

The program framework has four main parts.  Firstly, you will gain skills, knowledge and tools through our formal training bundles.  Secondly, you will gain clarity, perspective and support through the weekly LIVE Coaching Clinics.  Thirdly, the weekly Mastermind Circle you have the opportunity to tap into the wisdom of the group, where you can contribute to others and also benefit from their insights.  Finally, you can build your community that will journey with you through the 2020 Pandemic in the Private Members Forum.

I have designed this program so that you will feel both supported and valued. You can feel part of a tribe. You will never feel alone. 

Running to the end of 2020 the Reimagining Tourism Programme will provide the opportunity to undertake a deep investigation into your business, with up-to-the-minute quality training in business strategy, profitability, sustainability and more.  This will be supported with peer-to-peer learning and networking, weekly coaching and a weekly Mastermind. 

Beginning on May 18th and running for more than 30 weeks through to the end of 2020, the Re-Imagining Tourism Program is limited to 25 participants and there is a special 50% discount for the year that’s in it and there is the option to pay over 3 installments. 

If you feel you would like to journey to the end of 2020 with the support of a program like this, have a look at the program page on www.thetourismspace.com/re-imagining-tourism

I look forward to re-imagining the way forward for tourism businesses together.



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