Jan 25, 2019



3 tips to take from The Tourism Space LIVE Speakers 2019: “Name your Everest, Build your Vision, Nurture your Network”


Just about a year ago, an idea began to develop in my mind.  It was an idea about attending an empowering, motivational, inspirational event, especially for tourism professionals.  I flipped it around in my mind for a good 6 months before speaking to others about it.  My business partner Raquel, an action-oriented person, provided the impetus to pursue the idea and, instead of waiting and wishing somebody else would organize this event, we went ahead and did it ourselves! 

It’s now one week since the first-ever The Tourism Space LIVE event took place, with 140 delegates and 10 speakers from around Ireland attending.  It was an honor to have so many join us for Ireland’s first-ever professional development and self-empowerment event for tourism managers and entrepreneurs, and I’m grateful to every single one of them.

There were many learnings from the day and no doubt I’ll share them on the blog over the coming weeks.  For today, I want to share perhaps the biggest overarching theme of the day.  John Burke, our keynote speaker, opened the event by asking delegates ‘What’s your Everest?’.  Himself a summiteer of Everest, John was well positioned to ask that question.  He immersed us in his 10-year journey to the top of the world, sharing lessons with us all. 

He highlighted the question, however, was metaphorical.  We each have an ‘Everest’, a mission that stretches and challenges us, that can bring us to new places and new heights.  He encouraged us to unleash that goal and pursue that big dream.   Throughout the day, other speakers picked up on this theme.  Across all speakers, spanning the full spectrum of the industry, I noted two key themes that can support us in reaching our Everest, whatever that may be:


Vision is the articulation of your dream, the process of putting it into words and pictures so you can make it real for yourself and others.  It’s that description, in vivid detail, of what your point of success looks like once you’ve achieved it.  Speakers were driven by vision.  When they didn’t have business plans or when they hit significant barriers, it was vision that fuelled their belief and continued to propel their action. 


Nobody manages to achieve their vision alone.  All speakers highlighted how essential collaboration and networks were to achieving their goals.  You will meet barriers and you will experience failures. You alone will not have all the skills and resources you need.  On the first level, having a strong personal support system through friends and family is crucial, a group who always have your back.  Second, nurturing a strong professional network with essential professionals who also have your back is also vital.  Particularly in tourism, connecting with other stakeholders in your destination was recommended. 


Once we committed to the idea of The Tourism Space LIVE (our Everest), we invested in our vision for what the event would be. A strong support network and exceptional teamwork helped us execute well. We articulated our vision by writing down down what effect we wanted the event to have on delegates, what value we wanted them to receive.  We wrote down the words we wanted to hear people saying as they were leaving the event and, over the past week, those words have been returned to us again and again.  Our vision for The Tourism Space LIVE became a reality. 

So here are three big nuggets to take away this week:

  1. Name your Everest.
  2. Build your Vision.
  3. Nurture your Network.


2019– the best is yet to come!



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