A Story of Vision, Resilience, Ambition and Triumph

better tourism message method mission networking Apr 06, 2020

Mary Fitzgerald is the proprietor of Fitzgeralds Woodlands House Hotel & Spa in Adare, Ireland.  Mary spoke at The Tourism Space LIVE 2020 with the topic title 'Massive Vision, Massive Action' and shared some highlights of her 40 year journey from family farmhouse to four star hotel.

Without hesitation, I can say that the 200 delegates assembled in Thomond Park Limerick on the day found Mary's talk to be one of the most inspiring and engaging of them all - no small feat given the quality of presentation from the other speakers throughout the day.

Although held in late January and even though the term Covid-19 had entered our vocabulary, we were blissfully ignorant on that day of the steam train that was thundering towards the tourism industry and indeed the world.

Mary's journey is one of vision, resilience, ambition and triumph, and may provide some inspiration for the times we find ourselves in.  A sincere thank you to Mary for allowing us share this video of her talk.

Mary's video and most others from The Tourism Space LIVE 2020 are all included on our free program 'Time Out with Tina' which you can access here.

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