3 Key Benefits that Clients Get from a Business Breakthrough Session

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3 Key Benefits that Clients Get from a Business Breakthrough Session


  • An act or instance of moving through or beyond an obstacle (merriman-webster.com)
  • An action or event that represents the removal of a previously existing obstacle or barrier to progress (collinsdictionary.com)
  • Any significant or sudden advance that removes a barrier to progress (dictionary.com)
  • A sudden, dramatic and important discovery or development (lexico.com)


What is a breakthrough?

To make a breakthrough means to overcome an obstacle or to move through a barrier. Although it may be a long time in-the-making, a breakthrough often seems sudden and dramatic – like breaking a late-night impasse in peace negotiations, making a new discovery in science, achieving a transformational win in sport. It brings the image of a catapult to mind, releasing a person from where they are now and propelling them forward at speed to newer and greater things. It’s a word that implies energy, movement and progress.


What is the opposite of breakthrough?

Reputable sources tell us that the opposite of breakthrough is ‘set-back’ (merriman-webster.com) or ‘step backward’ (thesaurus.com). However, in reality, the opposite of breakthrough is not stepping backwards. In fact, it’s standing still, being stuck and staying stuck. It’s the feeling of being trapped, travelling the same old merry-go-round of thoughts in your head but unable to break free and advance past them.  It’s the act of focusing on the obstacle without being able to focus on the way around it or through it.  


What is a Business Breakthrough Session?

Google ‘Business Breakthrough Session’ and you will find lots of coaches around the world who offer the service. You will see that, at the core, they are very similar. It is a one-to-one coaching and discovery session designed to give you clarity, dismantle obstacles and get you moving. It is usually offered by a professional coach who has particular expertise in your sector or business type. For example, at The Tourism Space™, we offer a 90 minute ‘Business Breakthrough Power Coaching Session to tourism entrepreneurs. It is not a long-term coaching relationship. It’s an intensive, short support designed specifically to address blockages and remove obstacles, to help the client get unstuck and push forward with energy. The aim is always for the client to leave feeling empowered and confident, with the clarity and conviction to take action.  


3 Key Benefits that Clients Get from a Business Breakthrough Session


1. Perspective

We are all limited by our own perspective, by our point of view, by the angle at which we come at a challenge. Fear, assumption and past experience can all be limiting factors on our perspective. We tend to be very near our problems, standing right up close to them. That’s where our perspective is the narrowest and most blinkered.  A coach has the ability to view things from afar. From a distance, the situation and the possible way forward look very different. This is how working with a coach can truly shed new light on challenging situations. In a Breakthrough Session, your coach opens a neutral space to step away from the day-to-day preoccupations for a focused period of time. The fresh eyes of an independent, non-judgmental partner can be just the catalyst needed to release you from that merry-go-round of thoughts in your head. Your coach will not tell you what to do. Rather they will ask powerful questions designed to build awareness of blind spots and reveal the blocks that have been holding you back. Gaining newer, wider and more empowering perspectives is the first key benefit of a Business Breakthrough Session.  


2. Clarity

I find that clients mostly have extensive information in their head with regard to their business or career, their industry, the challenges, the opportunities, what others are doing to move forward. However, they often struggle to assimilate all this information and to arrive at an informed decision. This is due to a lack of clarity. Sometimes the choices are too many or the distractions are too many. Sometimes they just don’t have the knowledge they need to move forward. When you find yourself in that situation, it is stiflingly hard to open the forward path for yourself. During a Business Breakthrough Session, you are asked to embrace thought-provoking questions that allow you to disentangle your thoughts, single out your options and assess the potential impact of each. In particular, a coach will help you look at the blockages and beliefs associated with each option and objectively weigh them up. Clarity is that moment when you actually step off the merry-go-round in your head and stand still long enough to identify options.


3. Forward Movement

Armed with perspective and clarity, you are ready to set new goals and plot your future path for travel. This is the ultimate advantage of a Business Breakthrough Session. By dismantling the barriers and beliefs that have been keeping you stuck, you can get moving with purpose and conviction. I find that being set free of one’s own limiting beliefs is indeed like a catapult, releasing pent-up energy for the client and filling them with a desire to get out of the session and get going! Not so fast though! A session will usually end with a prioritisation of the available options and an exercise in setting goals around the viable ones. Through creating specific, measurable and time-bound goals, the options can be solidified into a quick action plan. In my Business Breakthrough Sessions, we aim to identify 3 goals that can be acted upon immediately after the call, 2 that can be achieved within the next month and 1 that can be achieved in the coming 90 days.


“We cannot solve our thoughts with the same thinking we used when we created them.”

Albert Einstein


Tina O'Dwyer

Tina is a Certified High Performance Coach specialising in tourism. She has extensive experience in sustainable tourism, regenerative tourism, food tourism, networks, clusters and collaborations. From September 2022, you can avail of a Business Breakthrough Session with Tina or Jarlath. Learn more by clicking here.

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