10 ways to get the most from the Keep Discovering campaign

better tourism market method money Feb 24, 2020

Yesterday was the first bright day here in Co. Clare in what seems like a very long time.  It’s been such a dark, wet, windy February for us and apparently for much of Ireland.  It’s just the kind of weather that gets us all thinking about that break away overseas later on in the year, somewhere where good weather is more or less guaranteed!  

Fáilte Ireland have other plans for us though.  The national tourism authority has just launched one of its biggest marketing campaigns ever aimed directly at domestic visitors of all ages and categories.  It’s called ‘Keep Discovering’ and its aim is to get 2% more Irish people to take a break in Ireland this year.

No, Fáilte Ireland isn’t thinking we will all switch 2 weeks in the sun for 2 weeks around Ireland, although some will indeed do that.  Instead, it’s focusing on capturing that shorter getaway that we can be persuaded into taking at other times in the year.  Apparently 92% of Irish people take a holiday but only 56% do so in Ireland.  All the research has identified an opportunity for Irish tourism businesses to take a bigger share of the shorter break spend.  It’s all predicated on the idea that many of us have either forgotten what is on our doorstep, or what’s on our doorstep has changed since we last visited it.

From what I’ve heard about it so far, it really seems like a brilliant and comprehensive campaign based on strong insights.  And all Irish tourism and hospitality businesses are well positioned to take advantage of this:

The word is that you’d have to go into hiding under a giant rock or in a deep cave not to be impacted, such is the scale and reach of the campaign.  It all sounds brilliant – if the percentage of Irish people who holiday in the Republic can be raised from 56 % to 58%, it will bring in about €32 million more per year in domestic tourism revenues. 

It’s the businesses that have to close the sale, however.  It’s the experience providers who have to pick up the baton and carry it over the bottom line. So what does it mean for you?  If the amount of domestic visitors to your business rose by 2% what amount of extra revenue would that be for you? And extra profit?  What if it rose by 5% or 10% or 20%??

This campaign really is one to sit up for.  It’s a bit of a no-brainer:  if there are €6 million euro being spent on a marketing campaign in your market, that speaks directly to your local visitor about the kind of experience you offer, then it makes sense to grab the campaign coat-tails and leverage it for all it’s worth.  If this works, it will build overall revenue and profit, and especially shoulder and low season revenue and profit.

Here are 10 things every tourism business could do to make the most of the Keep Discovering Campaign 2020:

  1. Use the hashtag #KeepDiscovering in all social media and online activity for the whole year.
  2. In your social media narratives, connect your experience and place with the #KeepDiscovering messaging and updates. Show how you are one of those places that might have changed since people last visited. Or instead how you are new and maybe they haven’t heard about it since their last visit.  Talk about how people can re-discover you and experience that sense of adventure and joy when they are with you.
  3. See the Keep Discovering You Tube channel as a great resource for your own marketing As well as sharing videos from there, use software Clipgrab to download them where you can use it in your own online and offline activity.  
  4. Avail of the Keep Discovering imagery that Fáilte Ireland has made available for all to use on www.irelandscontentpool.com.  You will find the Keep Discovering Collection that comprises 21 free-to-use, high resolution imagery. It’s a great way to create connection in the mind of visitors between you and what they may have seen on a billboard, in the cinema or on television and you.
  5. Better still, upload some of your own imagery to irelandscontentpool.com and request it to be added to the Keep Discovering collection. This means that others who are seeking to leverage the campaign (including Fáilte Ireland itself, trade and media) may use your imagery to promote the overall concept.   Right now, there are just 21 images there and some of them are for specific experiences and businesses.  There must therefore be scope for some on-message, on-brand imagery to be added from other businesses and experience providers.  You’ll even find guidelines on there about uploading your own images.  Of course, there’s a vetting process but high resolution free-to-use, model-released photos have always been welcomed on Ireland’s Content Pool.
  6. Create your own Keep Discovering Offer or Experience and position it within the context of the overall national campaign. Use similar words, themes and imagery to increase your chances of getting found by the Irish visitor whose interest in a domestic breakaway will be growing.
  7. If you really want to drive traffic to your offer, create a Keep Discovering Landing Page all of its own on your website. That gives you an opportunity to optimise for online searches and greatly increases your chances of showing up prominently in search engines.  If you'd like a checklist of what to include on this page, hit reply and I will get some suggestions to you.  
  8. Submit a Keep Discovering Story or Tip of Discovery to Fáilte Ireland, ideally through the Fáilte Ireland Trade Portal or directly through your local Client Services Officer who may direct it further. This is a way to give others the words and angle that will enable them to promote you. 
  9. Update your Business Listing on the Fáilte Ireland Trade Portal.  so that how you are presented on discoverireland.ie aligns with this campaign. You can update your image, offer and experience description here.
  10. Write a few blog articles that let Irish visitors know what it is you offer that allows them discover someplace they didn’t know about or that had just slipped from their minds. 

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