May 17, 2019


How to take great Social Media images this season

Today, I'm sharing 6 tips for taking better social media photos this season.

Tourism is lucky in that it has a wonderful amount of opportunities all the time for great social media shots. So have your smartphone at the ready for the season, and capture those really important moments, the things that tell people a little bit about your story, that allow them get to know you and your team, that show your visitors having a fantastic time.

Basically, anything that would make people want to spend time with you.

I have to thank Colette Cleary of Razor Social for all these tips. I was at a brilliant course that she delivered recently. When I finished the course, I wrote down a little checklist for myself, just to keep this fresh in my mind during the summer.

It's that checklist that I want to share with you today. What I learned is that it's the simple practical things that can make a really big difference.

  1.  Clean your lens every single time.
  2. Always shoot at the highest possible resolution. If you don't know how to check the resolution on your on your camera phone, then google your model and ask that question.
  3. Use manual focus. Don't rely on auto-focus. By simply tapping the thing that you want to be the main focus of your photo, you're telling your camera exactly what to highlight.
  4. What about shaky images? A simple solution is to that you hold your camera with two hands. On top of that, steady your elbows. Put your hands down on something like a table or counter, or the bonnet of your car to hold it steady. If you know you're going to be doing something that's going to give you great images, maybe get a little mini tripod, It’s just a brilliant idea - small, bendy, flexible, easy to carry around with you.
  5. Take multiple versions of the same shot. Don't worry about your storage. Delete the bad ones later, but make sure you get one good one.
  6. Make sure the subject is not in front of a source of light, or being hit by a source of light from behind, as it will just darken them out.

So there you are - 6 easy tips!

The last thing: take loads of photos! Way more than you'll get a chance to post during the season, because you'll be building up a great bank of content for the off-season.



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