3 Questions to prepare the ground for your 2022 Goals

mindset Dec 08, 2021
3 Questions to prepare the ground for your 2022 Goals | Goal Setting for 2022

Goal setting is an area that is particularly close to my heart.  It’s one of those areas that we all know we need to invest time and energy in but often find it very difficult to give it the attention that it needs.




I know in my own life, it’s a discipline I really had to develop with intention. At some point I realized that I had been kind of drifting through life really without having worked out a vision for myself or my career and without having any particular goals attached to anything I was involved in.


I’d have to say for the most part that it has been pretty enjoyable and it’s been pretty productive along the way as well. It has also been somewhat aimless and, at times, left me with a feeling of emptiness. 


I worked hard on developing the skills and processes around goal-setting that would serve me. I discovered that it’s not magic and it’s not an art form. It’s a discipline that, if applied consistently, is truly life-changing.


I now do a lot of work with my 1-2-1 clients and stakeholder groups in this area. I know from personal experience and from observing others the absolute transformative power of setting goals, and then giving yourself the space and resources you need to achieve them.


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The whole area of goal-setting is surrounded by pitfalls, however. I feel I personally fell into most of them for a long time.  Here are a few examples and you may identify with some of them:


  1. I was one of those people who set goals once a year, sticking with them with great zeal and enthusiasm for a week or two and then forgetting about them.
  2. I was definitely guilty of setting goals that other people might expect you to set, or that would impress other people but not necessarily energize or excite me.
  3. I used also set ‘goals’ that weren’t in any way specific or measurable or even realistic – you know having dreams or wishes that I spoke about a lot but never actually translated into something tangible.
  4. When I did get good at making my goals tangible, I could spend a lot of time crafting perfect goals but never actually giving myself the resources or the time or the backup that I needed to make them happen.


As we come to the end of year, we get pulled into the compulsion to re-focus for the New Year. Falling into the traps above is the easiest thing to do!


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2021 is drawing to a close. It has been another tumultuous and momentous year, when being stretched both personally and professionally was not a choice but a weekly reality. That scenario looks set to continue for tourism and hospitality in 2022.  Setting goals and keeping a focus on them is a particularly useful thing to do in times of uncertainty and change. They provide an anchor and steadying force and help you identify what things are under your control.


Here are 3 questions that are particularly appropriate journaling questions for this time of year. They may help you take a little time to reflect and become aware of what 2021 has taught you about your own discipline relating to goals.


1. What were your Top 3 goals for 2021?

With only a few weeks left in the year, take time to think about how you tracked against the goals you might have set a year ago. Did you have a Top 3? Have you achieved them? If not, is there anything you can do to bring them home before the sun sets on the year? What did you learn from the process, whether you achieved the goals or you didn’t?


2. What were your Top 3 achievements in 2021 that you didn’t necessarily anticipate you’d have to achieve?

Covid-19 has brought challenges and with each one comes the opportunity that lies in your response to that challenge. In small ways and in big ways, people have found achievement in adversity. Take time to think about what your achievements were, even if you had no desire to achieve them this time last year. When curve balls came thick and fast, grow your own awareness of what you did to deal with them and how you yourself may have grown in the process.


3. What did you learn about yourself this year that you can consciously bring forward to 2022?

When we are stretched way out of our comfort zone and are diverted from the route we had mapped out for ourselves, we are led to discover abilities, skills, strengths and reserves of talent that we may not have even known we had. In what ways did you rise to unexpected challenges? In what ways did you surprise yourself by the quality of your reaction or the effectiveness of your leadership? What can you clap yourself on the back for and bring forward with pride and confidence to next year?




Here’s the conclusion I came to from the frustration of my own experiences:

the very least any of us owe ourselves is to give ourselves every chance of success when it comes to achieving our goals.

I say that because I know there is no fun at all in going through life feeling frustrated with yourself, feeling annoyed with yourself, feeling like you are underachieving and feeling disappointment in yourself, looking like you’re doing ok but not really feeling satisfaction with what you have achieved so far. We all deserve better than that.


There is such benefit in working consciously to retain clarity on goals and working equally consciously on cultivating the conditions and inner belief system that allows you achieve them. Take some time to write down your answers to the 3 questions above. You may be surprised at what you learn about yourself. The answers will certainly serve as a fertile ground for setting goals for 2022.


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Tina O'Dwyer



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